ROME 1954






Benedetta Bonscampi di Magnifico

Benedetta Bonscampi di Magnifico

Benedetta Bonscampi to be di Magnifico was inspired by my mother-in-law who spent her life in Rome. I adored her and adored listening to her sometimes, rather embellished stories. She was often told that she resembled Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist and author who I admire very much and have used as a partial muse. My main muse is in my heart.

Giorgio di Magnifico know as Gio, pronounced as Joe. 

Giorgio di Magnifico know as Gio, pronounced as Joe. 


Giorgio di Magnifico was inspired by a man I had never met but heard so much about. When creating my character, I sifted through the stories and came to my own visual conclusion. I gave Gio, pronounced as Joe, the looks of Warren Beatty, the sex appeal of Marcello Mastroanni, the tortured soul of a Tennessee Williams protagonist and the athletic prowess of Paul Newman. Gio as a character is irresistibly flawed but hopelessly endearing. All too familiar.... I am afraid but let's stick to fiction.



After the second World War, there was a period of prosperity in Italy. It was called Il Miracolo Economico. During this time in the early 50's many American films were shot in the streets of Rome and it became known as the Hollywood on the Tiber phenomenon. Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck was filmed in 1953 just one year before Benedetta Bonscampi came of age. Ava Gardner and Bogart filmed The Barefoot Contessa in Cinecitta' Studios in 1954, the year that Benedetta's story begins.  


COMING SOON, young Benedetta makes her debut on Via Veneto and is spotted by Gio di Magnifico.

Rome 1954 is bursting with vitality. Benedetta Bonscampi has yet to become a di Magnifico. She is young, beautiful and from 'una buona famiglia'. The only chink in her well heeled armour is her over protective mother who keeps a hawk-like watch over her eldest daughter. Will Benedetta find a way to penetrate Via Veneto with Mamma Cinzia in tow?  Follow the swashbuckling story that chronicles Benedetta's coming of age to her eventual coming to senses.

Coming in September