My destiny as an illustrator was established in an extra help session for Algebra. After two hours of senseless equations, I came up with an ingenious solution. My proposal to adorn Mr. Foley’s bulletin boards with illustrations of the variable nature of our New England seasons and the nonsensical nature of Algebra moved my B up to a B+.

Luckily Syracuse University was more interested in my portfolio than my mathematical expertise and I embarked on a life as an art student.

I eventually arrived in New York City and for more than a decade I was lucky enough to work with some of the most creative designers, art directors and advertising agencies across the country. The New York Times, The New Yorker, Nordstrom, Ogilvy and Mather, Penguin, Universe Press!!!  I was an American illustrator and featured regularly in its bible, American Illustration.

In 2004 I packed up the contents of my life in NYC and took firm hold of Hector, my unruly but much adored Weimaraner and moved to London. I now live in West London with my husband and Esther The Glorious.

Maude,The Not So Noticeable Shrimpton was published in October 2012 by Puffin UK. It was written by Lauren Child and illustrated by Trisha Krauss. It was published by Candlewick Press in August 2013. 

Charlotte’s Very Own Dress, Penguin Random House US, is the first book that I have both illustrated and written. It was published in September 2016.

I am currently illustrating a book by Lara Flecker to be published by Oxford University Press in April 2019.